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  • Collection: A Time to Remember - Kilkenny's Covid 19 Memories

The Pandemic  It’s twelve months and more now,   since we heard of the existence   of a terrible virus which would wreak havoc with  our bodies, our minds and with our health system.  They told us it was called Corona,  which sounded lovely, it could…

A Joy Filled Life   Something that we cannot see has slowed us for a while, It’s helping us to stop and contemplate The challenge of our lives on pause; the value of a smile: Right now we simply have to stop and wait.   Why did I take for granted all…

A Voice in the Wilderness   The Earth was warming, much too fast.  We had to cool it down.  But, rich men with expensive tastes said Nothing could be done. And that was that. But they told us they would try.  So, dressed to kill, they shared their…

KP Article Halloween During Covid Oct 2020.pdf
How to celebrate Halloween during Covid 19 restrictions, ideas and resources from Kilkenny County Council Library Service. Information Page designed for the Kilkenny People Newspaper

KP Article Our Covid-19 Journey Sept 2020.pdf
Kilkenny County Council Library Services response to the Covid 19 Pandemic, customised services offered during the crisis. Information Page designed for the Kilkenny People Newspaper

A graphic representation of the Author's stay in hospital with a chest infection during April 2020

Castlecomer Covid Chorus--Dawn Chorus Castlecomer Co Kilkenny 030420 (1).m4a
1 minute mobile recording of bird song in a Castlecomer garden

I have to say, I am in total awe and gratitude for the care being taken of me and my generation. The library service knocking on my door. I am healthy and strong. I have a cosy safe home, my pension being paid weekly, with offers of help coming…

Circle Of Light : 2020 Not an engine in the sky Nor a plume trailing by No dog locked in its shed Nor a baby dropped at a creche Hands on the clock seem to have stopped An hour is an hour; not 'is that the time?' More time to plan, no panic or sweat…
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