The Pandemic

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The Pandemic


A poem to document the arrival of Covid-19 to Ireland and our response.


The Pandemic 

It’s twelve months and more now,  

since we heard of the existence  

of a terrible virus which would wreak havoc with 

our bodies, our minds and with our health system. 

They told us it was called Corona, 

which sounded lovely, it could be a ‘girl next door’. 

But then they referred to it as Covid-19 

and somehow, that sounded much more forlorn. 


Originating in Wuhan, China in 2019, 

where initially, health carers were alarmed at what they’d seen, 

and they tried to warn the rest of the world, in time, 

of what was coming down the line, 

a doctor there, was called a whistle-blower 

when he tried to spread the word to other medics the world over. 


Soon the virus was on the move and transmitting day and night, 

with anyone who was unfortunate enough 

maybe through travel or on a flight. 

For once out there, no one could stop it from travelling, it was such a pity, 

and soon we heard on the news one evening, 

that it was already in northern Italy. 


With updates coming fast and quickly from across the world,  

and by this stage there were plenty, 

who among us will ever forget that fateful day on the 12th March, 2020. 

The darkest day and more to come, we’d have a St. Patrick’s Day like no other. 

They closed our shops, our schools, our churches, 

and put out a call for more doctors and more nurses. 

As ever, we were not seen wanting, we all took up the plight. 

We gave it our best shot, and we put up a good fight. 

But sadly, many of us were unable, to battle,  

such was the horrendous war on hand, 

and we lost many who contracted it. 

Gone now, hopefully to a better land. 


The elderly, and the vulnerable were the ones who suffered most. 

Younger people too, were affected and afraid to leave their doors. 

Many will suffer long-term effects, and we’re learning every day, 

of variants and different strains that may be on the way. 


We took on board, the hand washing, how to sneeze and wear a mask, 

but never did we think that it would be such an enormous task. 

To rid the world of this terrible virus, which is now in every land. 

all the while, knowing that we’re not there or nearly there, 

until we all have the vaccination in our hand. 

So, we won’t travel yet or take that well-earned winter or summer vacation, 

until the whole world, as one, has received their vaccination. 


We are all so very different now, as a people, and as a nation. 

We will never forget the efforts made by all, and the sacrifices we have taken. 

Most of all, we will never forget the many who didn’t make it, 

and their families and their friends. 

Not one of us escaped it’s effects and we’re trying now to mend. 

So, think twice before we imagine that we are in fact there yet. 

Hold tight and fast for now, lest we ever forget,  

as we can see the light in the distance, 

but it’s a bit away yet for us all.  

So, let’s answer, staying apart and all together, what we hope will be one last call. 

We will hold hands and hug and get together once again.  

We will stand side by side and look each other in the eye with pride. 

But for now, let’s all wait for ‘some summer evening’,  

which we were promised, last year, but unfortunately, it didn’t come. 

Maybe this year it will arrive, and we can get back to having fun. 


I long to hear on the 6.01, that the virus is no more,  

That we’re now at Level 0 

and that we can invite friends and family around and open up our door. 

We’ll have the party of all parties and dance around the floor. 

We’ll say, “come one, come all, let’s celebrate, this sickness is no more”.  

Now, that will be something to look forward to, when we are all well rid. 

We’ll say “goodbye” to Corona and “don’t come back again” to Covid. 



Carmel Hogan


Kilkenny County Council Library Service


April 2021


Kilkenny County Council Library Service: rights assigned


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