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  • Collection: A Time to Remember - Kilkenny's Covid 19 Memories

KP Article Halloween During Covid Oct 2020.pdf
How to celebrate Halloween during Covid 19 restrictions, ideas and resources from Kilkenny County Council Library Service. Information Page designed for the Kilkenny People Newspaper

Disturbance The storm came angry with wind and rain Clouds scudding across the sky in pain Snowdrops bowed their heads in submission Daffodils waved about keeping their position Trees dipped their branches in a most alarming way Dancing to and fro…

Darkness Covid 19   The longest day the longest night Has happened as I make this call I don’t feel well I say and dimly recall Doc telling me an appt will be made The dreaded Covid test I must take With a heavy heart I await the simple text And…

Dear any reader in the future...,that is a reader in the time when Covid 19  has been eradicated or become readily treatable or its vaccine has been developed   The very  uncertainty encapsulated in the target audience  is what  we have all found so…

Poem 1 part 1 Josie Murphy0001.jpg
2 Poems detailing Covid 19 experiences

Poem by Jack Corr age 100001.jpg
Poem detailing Covid 19 Experiences

Circle Of Light : 2020 Not an engine in the sky Nor a plume trailing by No dog locked in its shed Nor a baby dropped at a creche Hands on the clock seem to have stopped An hour is an hour; not 'is that the time?' More time to plan, no panic or sweat…

Castlecomer Covid Chorus--Dawn Chorus Castlecomer Co Kilkenny 030420 (1).m4a
1 minute mobile recording of bird song in a Castlecomer garden
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