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High Street.jpg
High Street, Kilkenny City

P323 001.jpg
Horse Barrack Lane, entrance to the Brewery, Kilkenny City

P321 001.jpg
Savoy Cinema, Parliament Street, Kilkenny City, now the Watergate Theatre

P314 001.jpg
Parliament Street, Georgian Houses, Shops, Kilkenny City

P313 001.jpg
Market Yard entrance, Parliament Street, Kilkenny City, some of the entrance piers no longer exist

P312 001.jpg
National Bank, Parliament Street, Kilkenny City now site of the Bank of Ireland

P310 001.jpg
Parliament Street, Kilkenny City looking towards High Street

P308 001.jpg
Fair Green, KIlkenny City

P306 001.jpg
St Mary's Cathedral, Kilkenny City

P305 001.jpg
Meadows and River Nore, Kilkenny City
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