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P305 001.jpg
Meadows and River Nore, Kilkenny City

thomastown viaduct new joe.jpg
Thomastown Viaduct, County Kilkenny

Thomastown bridge.jpg
Thomastown Bridge - Fishing at..., County Kilkenny

Thomastown Bridge Old.jpg
Thomastown Bridge, post 1947 flood, County Kilkenny

Thomastown Bridge 010.jpg
Thomastown Bridge - north view, County Kilkenny

Thomastown Bridge 008.jpg
Thomastown Bridge, photographed Summer 2017

St. Francis Bridge2.jpg
St Francis Bridge, south view, Green's Bridge in the background, Kilkenny City

Inistioge Bridge3.jpg
Inistioge Bridge, Inistioge, County Kilkenny
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