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Sinnott's Cross Memorial Choice.jpg
On the 18th June 1921, the Kilkenny IRA Brigade ambushed a party of Black and tans at Sinnott’s Cross, Tubrid, Mooncoin, County Kilkenny. One Black and Tan was killed in the action.
This Memorial commemorates this action

Hugginstown Choice.jpg
The Kilkenny IRA’s Brigade attack and capture the RIC Barracks in Hugginstown on the 8th March 1920. This plaque commemorates that event

Barracks Choice.jpg
British soldiers withdrew from Kilkenny Military Barracks on the 7th February 1922. It was also the scene of a homicide and the execution of two Anti-Treaty volunteers in 1922.

Kilmanagh Choice.jpg
Site of ‘incidents with the Black and Tans in local public house in 1921, later in 1923 the site of a ‘small house burning’ by Free State soldiers

Coolbawn Memorial Choice.jpg
The Kilkenny Brigade attempted to ambush a military escort transporting explosives from the Castlecomer Barracks to the Wolfhill Coal-Mine on the 18th June 1921. However, their plans were betrayed to the Royal Devonshire Regiment. As a result, the…

Friary Street Choice.jpg
A company of 14 IRA Volunteers ambushed a convoy of 7 soldiers from the Royal Devonshire Regiment in Friary Street, on the 12 February 1921. resulting in the deaths of 2 of the attackers and a civilian.
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