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0003 Hannah Dunne Husband Jack and daughter Anna 1940s 5.png
Hannah Dunne and husband Jack and their daughter Anna circa 1940's

Excursion ca. 1912 JJ 25 .png
A long-tailed Barrow Boat prepares to set out from Graigue, probably for an outing to St. Mullins, ca 1910. Note horse(s) at top left of photo, also the two boys with hurley's. Only a few patrons have boarded as yet. Leisurely times1

Excursion-Return ca. 1920s. JJ 29.png
At St. Mullins - preparing to re-embark. Note the temporary 'cabins' and the background smoke as the powered boat (The Coolbawn) - revs up for the return journey.

Excursion on the Way ca. 1920s JJ 26 .png
Mick Hayden of the quay at the helm of his "hack boat" or privately owned, horse drawn wooden barge. She was one of the long-tailed Barrow boats - so called because of their very long rudders - they plied the Barrow in the 19th and 20th centuries. …

Excursion Upstream ca. 1920s 2 JJ 27 .png
Arrival of Mick Hayden's boat at Ballykeenan Lock on passage to Gorsebridge on the same occasion as at #17. Note the Graig Brass Band and the two young hurlers in the foreground.

Excursion Upstream ca. 1920s JJ 28 .png
Mick Hayden at the helm of his boat as she is towed upstream toward Ballykeenan Lock on excursion to Gorsebridge. ca. 1920's

0017 Molly Maguire Bridgit and Maggie o Shea John Maguire i.png
Molly Maguire, Bridget, Maggie O'shea and John

Molly Maguire, Bridget, Maggie O'Shea and John Maguire

Four Ladys Thespians b.png
Catherine Mc Carthy, Mary Holden, Mary Boland and Nan Fitgerald- Delaney.

0018  Brigit Gill and Family  27final.png
Family in the garden. Jim's Mother, Tom Gill, Betty Gill, Jim's Dad, Jim Gill and Paddy with Betty on his knee.
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