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Greta Sean and Liam Carley children lying by bank of river barrow.png
Gretta, Sean and Liam Carley (siblings) lying on the bank of the river Barrow

Hotel Street a.png
A view of the Tinnahinch street known as Hotel Street. This was a reference to a Hotel which was located a 100m or so to the North (left side) of the photo and was part of the navigation system where people travelling up and down the Barrow could…

John Gahan Tinnahinch with Horse and unknown child c.png
Mr. John Gahan (Tinnahinch) with his work horse and young girl. This child has been tentatively identified as a possible Ms. Doyle visiting from USA to the Tinnahinch/Graiguenamanagh area

Mr Carley in Taxi  b.png
Mr. Carley in his taxi (possibly first in Graig/Tinnahinch area) with Mrs. Comer ford of Bahana, Co. Carlow circa 1952

Greta Carley e.png
Greta Carley sitting beside the river Barrow at the Tinnahinch side of the bridge.

Greta Carley  at door beside water tap.png
Greta Carley outside her residence in Tinnahinch with public water station in background

1942 on Barge e.png
Carmel (?) O Shea, Greta Carley, Sean Carley, Liam Carley Mary Carley (centre back) and (?) O Shea on river barge circa 1942 at bridge on Tinnahinch side or river Barrow

0022 Trip to the Creamery Jim and Lar Butler Tinnaninch.png
Jim and Lawrence Butler from Tinnahinch Lock House

0017 Vist to Zoo cira 1950s k.png
Visit to the Zoo circa 1950's by Seamus Holden (Callan) Mickey Hoare, Bolger and Moylan

0017 Pat Bolger Tinnahinch b.png
Pat Bolger from Tinnahinch posing with hurley
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