Covid 19 Experiences

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Covid 19 Experiences


Author's views and experiences of Covid 19


Dear any reader in the future...,that is a reader in the time when Covid 19  has been eradicated or become readily treatable or its vaccine has been developed


The very  uncertainty encapsulated in the target audience  is what  we have all found so very disconcerting and unnerving about Covid 19. We do not know writing in June 2020 when we will be able to draw the line on the virus. When will we be able to say that we are post Covis 19??

As we are in a truly welcome manner gradually emerging from the vice of restriction I feel I should record these thoughts as soon as is possible. The mind has a curious habit when looking back of not making things seem as truly awful as they were

All things in life are relative I keep reiterating to my children time and again. Even in the worst of times we were never locked in,we were never actually timed on our exercise outings as in other jurisdictions both Far Eastern and mainland European

We were always able to orbit 2k and didn't need to share a dog to get another few minutes outside.

I also truly value that our house and garden are capacious and we all have our own independent internet access.

Still it has been , in many  respects still is ,and into the future in some respects will remain, fairly grim.

I speak entirely personally but from the heart

To recount the worst and ongoing it is the lack of holidays and holiday experiences particularly abroad. We have always been fortunate to have long and fascinating  holidays especially abroad. Many cities have we visited and many unusual countries experienced ,from Qatar to Madagascar, Delhi to Santiago both de Chile and de Compostella.

Our daughter is teaching for a year in the Bahamas..we were to have visited her this summer; my son and I had planned a night in Barcelona to eat in its recently opened branch of our Irish  favourite diner..BUNSEN.  Thinking that we will achieve either of these dreams is unrealistic

Not only will we not visit our daughter in the Bahamas but we cannot plan with total certainty any encounter with our London based son or the other son who is simply in near and yet so far.

For our youngest whose wanderlust tops any other, life has been very hard. Absented from peer company,worked very hard in school he has no cheering overseas  travel prospects

My third level teaching is modest in the extreme but having to move on  line for a few weeks at the end of the semester has been disorientating and humiliating given my lack of any expertise. The uncertainty of next semester remains a constant shadow.


To turn to the personal positives...long ie 20k Saturday walks with my usually too busy spouse orbiting ingeniously to make the most of the imposed limits, For 14 or so years I have regularly walked Kilkenny city yet there were still surprises on foot!! Following four hours of walking no indulgence in wine or icecream or choc  has seemed. excessive.

Rarely given all the surrounding stress could treating oneself not be justified.

Only occasionally  dining out normally, takeaways from the gamut of Kilkenny restaurants offering this service have risen to a very pleasant double figures over past weeks

Meal preparation has enhanced as has the amount of time spent lingering over culinary delights. Takeaway coffee has achieved a status well beyond its worth

For the sake of my bone health I have for a decade been a reluctant gym goer. I am in no hurry for these facilities to reopen.The reopening of the all time favourite Kilkenny city icecream shop has had a legendary impact on morale pocket and waistline


The excitement of 2k rose to 5k and then there was that exhilarating unexpected jump from 5k to county boundary

The exhilaration intensifies at the prospect of the accelerated time line allowing us country wide travel this very month rather than waiting til late July


We live in hope of trips to Dublin to visit our son and to our holiday house in West Cork


I could go on and on but will desist!!


These reflections are not only personal but also self indulgent. I dont wish the passage of time to cast an unrealistically rosy glow on what we have all been required to endure.

May we all though  look forward in hope!!!

Be brave wise and strong in your time!



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