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Barnstorm's Kilkenny Youth Theatre production of Alice in Wonderland
Alice is 12 and a half years of age and it bothers her to be thought of as a child. Why do all these other people get to make decisions, confuse her and boss her? With a cast of 21 young people from County Kilkenny, this abridged interpretation of…

Barnstorm's Senior Youth Theatre: KoHL
Under the auspices of Barnstorm Theatre Company, Kilkenny Youth Theatre was revived in 2007. KoHL is their 6th production since then.With a cast of sixteen young people, the play's setting of New York during the Prohibition years delighted audiences…

Barnstorm's Kilkenny Youth Theatre actors in their  production 'The House Of Oedipus'
"If a person commits a crime but does not know it is a crime, are they guilty?"In this epic Greek tragedy Kilkenny Youth Theatre take on the world of gods and men.  The House of Oedipus features a cast of eighteen young Kilkenny people who present…
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