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Castlecomer House0001.jpg
Castlecomer House and gardens, Castlecomer, County Kilkenny

Coal train leaving Castlecomer Station0001.jpg
Coal train leaving Castlecomer Station, County Kilkenny

Castlecomer Church0001.jpg
Interior and Altar of the Catholic Church, Castlecomer, County Kilkenny

Castlecomer Bridge, over Dinnin River.jpg
Castlecomer Bridge over the Dinan River photographed late 1990s

Castlecomer Bridge.jpg
Castlecomer Bridge, Castlecomer, County Kilkenny

The 'Comer Story (1997)
In 1996 Barnstorm embarked on a 16-month project with playwright Ken Bourke and the people of Castlecomer to devise and present a community play unique to that community, reflective of its rich history and its people. The 'Comer Story was presented…

Aghamucky Castlecomer Coal mine 20001.jpg
Aghamucky, Castlecomer, County Kilkenny, Coal Mine

Aghamucky Castlecomer0001.jpg
Aghamucky, Castlecomer, County Kilkenny, Coal Mine

Crutt Castlecomer 1.jpg
Crutt, Castlecomer, County Kilkenny, bridge, road over river
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