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Deggsie (Gus McDonagh) and Petey (Niall McDonagh)
"Once again, Barnstorm Theatre Company have come up with a winning formula" - Kilkenny People Deggsie is fiercely sensitive to being slagged about his family. When his boast of having a new sleeping bag is challenged by Spider, Deggsie realises he…

Goose and Martha (Rita Hamill)
Martha doesn’t like anyone. She’s a grumpy reclusive woman living in a hut on the beach. She scares people away with her sharp tongue and her “Keep Out” signs, but she doesn’t bank on meeting an endearingly cheeky goose who can’t read and understand…

Actors (L to R): Sarah Kinlen, Fiona McGeown, Shane O'Reilly, Annette Flynn, Paul Curley, Conor Donelan
A Murder of Crows is a dynamic and theatrically exciting work for children aged 8 and over, based on the classic tale of Hansel and Gretel. The play explores themes of famine, family loyalties and personal growth. Six actors weave a gothic story of…

Kilkenny City 20001.jpg
Hand-coloured photograph of the northern section of Kilkenny City featuring St. Canice's Cathedral and the Black Abbey

City of Kilkenny Views0001.jpg
Tourist postcard of Kilkenny City featuring the River Nore, Kilkenny Castle Entrance, Kilkenny Castle,, the Tholsel and High Street.

The Pandemic  It’s twelve months and more now,   since we heard of the existence   of a terrible virus which would wreak havoc with  our bodies, our minds and with our health system.  They told us it was called Corona,  which sounded lovely, it could…

Bessborough House, Piltown0001.jpg
Bessborough House and gardens

Surviving Coronavirus in Spain Cathy Hogan May 11, 2020   TWO MONTHS OF LIFE IN LOCKDOWN   This Friday, May 15th, marks two months of strict lockdown in Spain. We celebrate each small lifting of restrictions but know that more lives are put at…
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