A Murder of Crows (2011) by Mike Kenny

Actors (L to R): Sarah Kinlen, Fiona McGeown, Shane O'Reilly, Annette Flynn, Paul Curley, Conor Donelan
Set Design: Carol Betera
Actors (L to R): Shane O'Reilly, Fiona McGeown, Paul Curley
Costume Design: Harmless Creatures<br />
Paul Curley and Sarah Kinlen
Costume Design: Harmless Creatures
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A Murder of Crows (2011) by Mike Kenny


A Murder of Crows is a dynamic and theatrically exciting work for children aged 8 and over, based on the classic tale of Hansel and Gretel. The play explores themes of famine, family loyalties and personal growth.

Six actors weave a gothic story of two children’s journey from abandonment and fear to ultimate survival, seen from the quirky perspective of a chorus of raucous and garrulous crows, whose boisterous antics will delight children.

For children aged 8 and older.


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