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Graiguenamanagh Temperance Brass Band JJ 41 .png
"Winners of First Prize 1813-1914". The photograph was taken at Brandondale Bridge near The Docks. The word "Temperance" was added to the name of the Graig Band following Fr. Theobald Mathews visit to Graig on 2nd September1842.
Paddy Brien,…

Graiguenamanagh Temperance Brass Band 2 JJ 40.png
Graiguenamanagh Brass Band at Brandondale. ca.1913. Included in photograph: Paddy Foley, Turfmarket, with flagpole, Patrick O Leary, Main Street, (bearded) left-rear; Tommy Ryan, Abbey Street, (with flat cap) centre of middle row; Paddy Brien,…

Graiguenamanagh Schoolchildren JJ 39.png
Group of children on Market Square, ca. 1916

Graiguenamanagh Infants' school JJ 38 .png
First Communion Class on La Féile Padraig 1916

Graiguenamanagh Infants' School
First Communion Class 1916
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