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Brandonvale Creamery 5 JJ 16  (2).png
Patrick O Leary, the builder, (bearded with elderly farmer. Gerry Ryan (Manger) in background, with group of onlookers - including the dog!

By the Barrow JJ 16 .png
On the Barrow tow-path?

Conrad na Gaedilge Group 17.png
At National Schools in 1913. John O Leary - centre

Conradh na Gaedilge Group JJ 18 .png
At Nationals School 9in Parochial Hall) in 1913

Convent of Mercy 2 JJ 19 .png
Sr. Columba Martyn, (second from left) and Sr. Camillus Hughes (on right with cat).

Convent of Mercy 4 JJ 20.png
Second from left: Sr. Columba Martyn, Third from left: Sr. Camillus Hughes, Fifth from left: Miss Kate O Leary

Convent of Mercy Sister 2 JJ 21.png
Mother Evangelist Foley, ca 1910

Convent of Mercy sister JJ 22.png
Sr. Camilla Hughes (also known as Sr. Kevin).

Convent of Mercy Sisters JJ 23.png
At the convent, Graiguenamanagh 1908. (L to R) Back row: Mother Evangelist Foley, Sr. Stanislaus Bray, Sr. Camillus Hughes. Front Row: Mother Columba Martyn, and Sr. Gabriel O Neill.
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