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Greta Sean and Liam Carley children lying by bank of river barrow.png
Gretta, Sean and Liam Carley (siblings) lying on the bank of the river Barrow

Blackstirs Mountains and the River Barrow0001.jpg
Blackstairs Mountains and River Barrow, Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny

Tinnahinch Castle, Graiguenamanagh0001.jpg
Ruins of Tinnahinch Castle, Graiguenamanagh, County Kilkenny

Abbey of Graiguenamanagh0001.jpg
Duiske Abbey, Graiguenamanagh, County Kilkenny

Vale of Bahana0001.jpg
Barrow Valley near Graiguenamanagh, County Kilkenny

Assembly of Irish Volunteers force Graig and Borris jj3.png
Images collected by Graiguenamangh Library from the public

Assembly of Irish Volunteer Force
Assembly of Irish Volunteer Force Graiguenamanagh and Borris

The Quay, Graiguenamanagh0001.jpg
View of the quays, Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny

Graig Weir, Graiguenamanagh0001.jpg
Weir on River Barrow, Graiguenamanagh, County Kilkenny
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