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Graiguenamanagh Infants' School
First Communion Class 1916

At Graigue Convent School JJ 4.png
Images collected by Graiguenamanagh library from the public

A Soldierjj1.png
Images collected by Graiguenamangh Library from public

Convent of Mercy 2 JJ 19 .png
Sr. Columba Martyn, (second from left) and Sr. Camillus Hughes (on right with cat).

Hurling Match at The Flat Coolroe ca. 1914 JJ (2).png
Hurling Match at the "Flat", Coolroe,ca 1914

Medieval Tools JJ .png
Medieval tools excavated from the floor of former Monastic Vestry (Tools now at National Museum?) Patrick William O Leary. Photo taken on floor of former monks dormitory directly over the vestry. Note entrance to night stairs to church on right.

0017 Bennetts Shop Bridie Conn Jack Conn Hannie Doherty Sarah Bennett Jim Bennett g.png
Bridie Conran, Jack Conran, Hannie Doherty, Sarah Bennett and Jim Bennett

0017 Choir Outing c.png
Graiguenamanagh Choir outing to Brandon Hill

0017 Graig Hurlers  1925.png
Graig Hurlers 1925

0017 Jim Bennett f.png
Jim Bennett with thrashing machine
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