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Original Poster launching the 'A Time to Remember' initiative

The Year That Never Was   On the soft tail feathers of winter we wheeled into spring paying only scant attention to the China situation, more intrigued by what they sold in the meat market - it was their problem and so very far away.   Then…

Surviving Coronavirus in Spain Cathy Hogan May 11, 2020   TWO MONTHS OF LIFE IN LOCKDOWN   This Friday, May 15th, marks two months of strict lockdown in Spain. We celebrate each small lifting of restrictions but know that more lives are put at…

Surviving Coronavirus in Spain Cathy Hogan May 18, 2020     LIFE IN LOCKDOWN LIMBO   I have been living in limbo in many respects since moving to Spain last September so, life in lockdown isn't very different in many respects. When I first…

Dear any reader in the future...,that is a reader in the time when Covid 19  has been eradicated or become readily treatable or its vaccine has been developed   The very  uncertainty encapsulated in the target audience  is what  we have all found so…

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2 Poems detailing Covid 19 experiences

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Poem detailing Covid 19 Experiences

We reached the 2nd decade of 21st century quietly, Out of the blue we hear of a disease spreading so fast From china to united states.   New things we were told to do #wearamask #washourhandregularly or use hand sanitizer when coming into…

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Covid 19 Models
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