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Barnstorm Mission Statement: To create inspirational and transformative theatre for children, young people, and adults to the benefit of the wider community.

This exhibit features a selection of promotional material from Barntsorm's work, since it was established in Kilkenny in 1991. 
Barnstorm creates and presents quality theatre for, and with children, young people and adults. It engages the transformative potential of theatre for the benefit of its audiences and communities.

Funded by the Arts Council of Ireland & Kilkenny County Council, Barnstorm tours nationally and internationally, including visits to the United Kingdom, United States & Canada, Australia, Spain and Japan.


Barnstorm Theatre Company


Kilkenny County Library's Local Studies Department, Nuala Roche


1993 - 2020


Nuala Roche, Kilkenny County Library, Local Studies Dept.

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Barnstorm Theatre Company items (photographs, promotional material, scripts, teacher packs, videos and miscellaneous ephemera) are protected by original copyright.

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Collection Items

One-Two-Three O'Leary (2000) by Bernard Farrell
Promotional flyer for the national tour of Barnstorm's play for children.

Written by Bernard Farrell, adapted from the play 'Max und Milli' by Volker Ludwig.

For children aged 6 -10 years.

TOUR: Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny; Hawk's Well,…

Digger, Doc & Dee-Dee (2005) by Maeve Ingoldsby
Production photo for the national tour.

Written by Maeve Ingoldsby, adapted from the play 'Bella, Boss und Bulli' by Volker Ludwig.

For children aged 6 -11 years.

TOUR: Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny; Gaeity Theatre, Dublin; Backstage…

Bananas in the Bread Bin (1997) - National Tour
A play for children aged 6 to 12 years. Written by Maeve Ingoldsby. Production photograph from Barnstorm's national tour.Photo 1- L to R: Actors Seamus Power (Michael); Enda Andrew Kilroy (Martin), Aoife O'Beirne (Emer), Fiona Glascott (Aisling)Photo…

Little Victories (2003) by Shaun Prendergast
Production photographs for the premiere at Watergate Theatre and a national tour. Thematically, the play explores the process of a young person coming to terms with change in his life.

For children aged 8 - 13 years.

TOUR: Watergate Theatre,…

The Elves and the Shoemaker (2005) by Mike Kenny
Based on the Grimms’ fairytale, Barnstorm's production represented Ireland at the EU Theatre Arts for Children and Young People Festival in Japan.

The company's tour was supported by Culture Ireland and the Ireland Fund for Japan.


Town Mouse, Country Mouse (2005) by Medb Lambert
Based on Aesop's fable and a devising process, the play gently explores themes of culture, diversity and understanding. For children aged 4 - 6 years.

TOUR: The barn, Kilkenny; The Ark, Dublin; Dunamaise, Portlaoise; Garter Lane, Castleblayney;…

The Bus (2008) by Maeve Ingoldsby & Philip Hardy
The Bus follows the progress of a boy as he familiarises himself with the politics of the school bus and learns for himself the rules of survival, and acceptance. This is an ensemble piece with seven actors playing multiple roles. The production…

The Song from the Sea (2011 & 2012) by Mike Kenny
The play focuses on a young boy’s struggle to find his place in his family, and in the wider world. The Song from the Sea focuses on a young boy's struggle to find his place in his family,  and in the wider world. Blending storytelling, performance,…

Monday's Child (2017) by Brendan Murray
Monday’s Child tells the story of the unique bond between an old woman and a little girl. Since Barnstorm's first production in 2014, this poignant, funny and exuberant play has wowed adults and children alike. Brendan Murray's play was developed…

Star Chasers (2018) by Scott Young
Described as a tapestry of music, movement and magical imagery, Star Chasers is a modern-day adventure for all. Premiered in Kilkenny in 2017.This is a rich exploration of the relationship between a parent and child, and their attempts to come to…
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