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thomastown viaduct new joe.jpg

Thomastown Viaduct, County Kilkenny
Thomastown bridge.jpg

Thomastown Bridge - Fishing at..., County Kilkenny
Thomastown Bridge Old.jpg

Thomastown Bridge, post 1947 flood, County Kilkenny
Thomastown Bridge 010.jpg

Thomastown Bridge - north view, County Kilkenny
Thomastown Bridge 008.jpg

Thomastown Bridge, photographed Summer 2017
Jerppoint Abbey, County Kilkenny0001.jpg

Jerpoint Abbey, Thomastown, County Kilkenny contains quote 'The calm, majestic presence of the night' - Longfellow
Thomastown Railway Station, Departure0001.jpg

Thomastown Railway Station, County Kilkenny, departure from ...
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